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6 febbraio 2014
Strumenti di marketing turistico 2: (SEGUE) posta elettronica III
Non ho fatto in tempo a scrivere QUI di indirizzi , domini primari, domini secondari etc. etc., che è uscita la notizia della possibilità di creare e registrare ini primari personalizzabili.
4 febbraio 2014
Destination marketing tools No. 2: E-mails, again
On January 29th we have learned how to get people (not) to find  you on line, through old-fashioned, not-working E-mail addresses etc.
Let's make a step further and ask: through which provider? In so wide a range of possibilities, this question can be split in three:
a) which domain
b) which TLD
c) whic provider in itself.

If you have, or are planning to have soon, a website, or at least a company blog, for your touristic company, the best is for your address, the one you will promote everywhere, to be embedded on that site or blog by an info@: everybody throughout the world will perceive it as the right address to apply to get information about your tourist company (e.g. www.ilborgomarziano.xx  >  info@ilborgomarziano.xx).
You do not have, and are reasonably sure you cannot create a website or a blog (cause you don't have time to manage it, for instance: better not to have it, than to have it without updating it for months or years!)? Then, find out a  domain tracing as much as possible the official brand of your company.
Please note: I said your company, not your name and surname: it's your brand you have to promote, not yourself. 
Should they coincide, it's all right, but even in this occurrence, do create anyway an official address distinguished by the private one: you will thus avoid your friends' E-mails to end up into the business ones' cauldron and the Tax Office to write at your private address wasting your holidays!
DONT'S ABOUT DOMAINS: an endless list of letters and numbers. Collegiate or coarse words, unless they have to do with your mission. Nerd or red tape abbreviations that no-one but you will understand. Commercial acronyms such as "Ltd" o "spa" (this one fits only to a trermal centre, being world-known as the acronym of salus per aquam). Very long names, for God's sake. 
Be short and effective!

TLD (Top Level Domain)
It's the last part of a domain starting from right. In other words, what comes after the last dot. It can be a country code, such as .it for Italy or .uk for the UK, or .com, or .biz (acronym of "business"), or .eu or many more.
For a private company, .com sounds always well, but if you want to make your origin country immediately understandable, a code country is preferable. You know, in tourism the origin counts. 

My nerd friends told me Gmail is the best provider, compared to its Italian most common competitors  (Hotmail, Virgilio, Libero etc.). It has more functions, more memory, works better with other platforms.
Other alternatives can be connected to your telephone provider (as Italian 3, Tim, Vodafone), but sincerely I would choose something more professional, such as Gmail.
Obviously, if you don't have a website of your own to embed your address, you have to choose one.

What do you think about it? Have you got other ideas? Please comment and say yours. 
And, above all, even when you're doing something apparently trivial as choosing an E-mail address, always remember: that's all marketing!



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