Off line marketing: still useful? - I

I could argue for hours and quote opinion leaders much more influential than me. But the truth is: as much as possible, I prefer grounding my assertions upon my experience, so my answer will be: not very much.

What is about, nowadays, an  off line marketing  strategy, for a tourist company?
Well, basically what you can do is:
1) fairs
2) brochures & depliants
3) advertising on mass media (press, radio, tv)
4) leafleting and advertising posters
5) coupons
6) instituzional events.

Suppose you manage a holiday farm where you provide lodging, restoration, campers & tends indoor area, riding school and horse riding in the countryside.
Can you make all the actions here listed?
Sure you can! The problem is all of them have a certain financial cost, whereas the return is not as much certain.
Let us analize those actions into details, by starting from point # 1 and going on, by the next days, with points from #2 to #6.

1) fairs. They can be local fairs (e.g. an agricultural village fair), national fairs (usually, thematic, therefore tourist fairs like BIT in Milano, which takes place in February) or international fairs. 
But bigger fairs are quite expensive, involve a high mental and physical engagement, as much as a long-term previous planning. 
Is it worth while? 
In my opinion, not much, but to the extent of attending them to get in touch with business operators, e.g. foreign tour operators who come to Italy once or twice a year to take part into them. But, if it so, you can enter by paying an ordinay ticket and waste a stand's money, just visiting other contractors during business meetings (serious fairs do have business meetings).


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