Off line marketing: still useful? - II


Let's go on talking about off line marketing tools:

2) printed promotional products: brochures, business cards, maps of you area showing your location and how to get to you, etc.: they are less and less in use, but you'd better have a small quantity, at least in two languages (three is even better!), to be delivered at fairs and other tourist events. 
What I recommend, yet, is professionalism: a lot of tourist entrepreneurs, to spare money, do by themselves both editing and translation, often showing off old-fashioned, ridiculous or terrible. Please commit yourself to professionals: you money will be well spent and, eventually, copyright is yours, so you can reprint for years.
I will tell you a story. Recently, in Torino, I ate in a very good restaurant somebody had recommended to me (see # 3; the power of word-of-mouth). When, in the end, my mate and me congratulated and asked for a pair of business cards, a waitress gave them to us, warmly inviting us to review her restaurant on TripAdvisor. The business card itself wore on its back the same invitation. This is real good marketing!

3) traditional advertising on mass media (press, radio, tv). Very expensive. 
Upon my experience, it is worth while appearing upon tourist reviews, both national and foreign, talking about our location, but seldom paying for an ad upon it will be useful, if the journalist writing the story doesn't name us or do it in bad terms. 
Moreover, keep in mind that times have changed! Nowadays tourists are inclined to trust a friendly word-of-mouth much more than official channels, that is they believe an apparently free review on Tripadvisor, more than a professional story on a travel quarterly, unless the quarterly has a tight and steady reputation.

See you tomorrow with the end!


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