Off line marketing: still useful? - III

Let's finish this parade about the off line marketing plan possible for a touristic business.

4) leafleting and print of advertising posters.
Thrown up money, in my opinion, unless you host a special event that you wish the biggest number of visitors to take part into. But if you work in tourism, on the middle and long run that is not what you really need.

5) coupons. I have never dealt with them and I know them only by buzz. It is a way of promotion very useful in some sectors, such as retail.
Properly gaged and integrated into a web marketing strategy, it could work also in tourism, but the point is: maybe it suits more to an on-line strategy.

6) institutional events. I am thinking mostly about educational tours, that is journalists and tour operators who, expensed by a public administration (Council, Province, Region...), visit a territory to get to know its locations and tourist services, to the extent of suggest it to their customers and write about it in an endearing way.
They are a perfect kind of promotion for a touristic businessman, almost free, apart from the hours of work and providing some free service (lodging, typical food) to the opinion leaders above named, who, in return, will surely  remind of you when they are creating their tour packages or writing dowm an article on their review. If you are invited to, it would be stupid to refuse!
Apart from Educationals, you should keep friendly and frequent relationships with public administrations in your area (the chamber of commerce and the province above all, but also promotional associations), to be always informed about new steps which could interest you: courses, business meetings, fairs with a shortened cost.
Finally, remember that you can promote yourselves even through trade associations (agricultural, holiday farms, bikers...).

In short, you can spend well, badly or very badly your money, but please remember:  that's all marketing!

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